Undoubtedly, when talking about assets, any organisation would consider its Human Resources as an important one. The 26 co-operative members that work in our school and training centre have worked on an in-depth process of technological and educational modernisation to provide an educational programme that is adapted to modern times.

With a teaching-staff made up mainly of engineers and university graduates, we have been able to meet the needs of the sectors that are the driving force of our economy: machine tooling, die-stamping, telecommunications, electronics and have prepared innovative training itineraries aimed at satisfying new employment opportunities in sectors such as the environment, marketing, etc.

In this vein, we would like to highlight the Training Plan that our school has been developing with a view to improving our staff?s qualifications, both in areas of general interest, e.g. Total Quality. Syllabus Development and in those areas that are specific to each technological speciality. This has meant that on average our teachers receive100 hours of training per year.

So as to provide our school with the most advanced technological equipment, we invest an average of 300,000 euro per year in infrastructure and equipment.

In order to do this, Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri has the support of several institutions and public and private organisations such as: The Mondragón Co-operative Corporation, The Basque Government?s Department of Education and Employment, The European Social Fund, local companies and town councils.

Below is a list of the infrastructures that the school has. For some of the items on the list, you can simply click on the left icon or on the description to see a photo of it.


Infraestructura general  
Media library, (library, 25 terminals with free Internet access, and 25 terminals for multimedia language learning purposes) Ver imagen
Auditorium (with video-conferencing facilities) Ver imagen
Sports centre (1,140 m2) Ver imagen
School Radio Ver imagen
Multi-use classrooms (with TV/Video) Ver imagen
Closed TV circuit Ver imagen


Infraestructura técnica: Ciclos Formativos
Machine-tool workshop Ver imagen MEC, PP y DFM
Numerical control workshop Ver imagen MEC, PP y DFM
Test and three-dimensional measurement laboratory Ver imagen PP y DFM
Die-stamping workshop Ver imagen MEC y PP
2 drawing and mechanical plan rooms Ver imagen MEC, PP y DFM
CAD-CAM room Ver imagen PP y DFM
Complex surfaces design room DFM
Metrology and quality control laboratory MEC, PP y DFM
Printed circuits workshop Ver imagen ARI
Digital and power electronics workshops Ver imagen ARI y STI
Electrotechnical design room Ver imagen ARI
Electropneumatic systems laboratory Ver imagen ARI y STI
Electropneumatic systems laboratory Ver imagen DFM, MEC y ARI
Automatic systems laboratory Ver imagen PP y ARI
Hydraulic systems laboratory Ver imagen PP y ARI
Fibre-optic laboratory Ver imagen STI
Telephony laboratory Ver imagen STI
RTV/CATV laboratory Ver imagen STI
Communication networks laboratory Ver imagen STI y ARI
Telematic systems laboratory Ver imagen GVEC
Chemical analysis laboratory Ver imagen ECA
Environmental chemistry laboratory Ver imagen ECA
Pilot plant laboratory Ver imagen ECA
Window and shelf-dressing laboratory Ver imagen GVEC


  • MEC: Mecanizado
  • DFM: Diseño en Fabricación Mecánica
  • PP: Programación de la Producción
  • ECA: Educación y Control Ambiental
  • GVEC: Gestión de Ventas y Espacios Comerciales
  • ARI: Automatización y Robótica Industrial
  • STI: Sistemas de Telecomunicaciones e Informáticos
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