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Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri is a Secondary and Vocational Education Cooperative Training Centre which provides Bachiller and Vocational Educational Studies.  P.I.Txorierri. focuses on serving local Industry and is committed to the integral and lifelong learning of its students.  The Centre promotes Innovation in Technological and Pedagogical Projects and aims to offer a quality service to the Public, meeting the local training needs of young people, the local universities and institutions.  Our Educational Project outlines the responsible and democratic participation of the entire student community and employs evaluation as part of our ongoing Quality Improvement Plan.  We strive to be a leading Training Centre reputed for close collaboration with local companies and quality integral, lifelong training.


Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri prioritises client satisfaction and is aware of the importance of maintaining and upgrading QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and HEALTH AND SAFETY practices.  To do so, P.I. Txorierri:


  • Encourages Quality Management of its services, Environmental Protection and Health and Safety among staff.  This is done by progressively increasing the capability and necessary implication of staff, by informing and training them and students regularly and by motivating their behaviour in the Centre to meet P.I.T.’s environmental and safety principles, thus minimizing risk and promoting good practices.
  • Safeguards Health and Safety of staff in the Centre while carrying out their work, as well as that of students and other workers.
  • Guarantees the Continuous Improvement of its Environmental Management. P.I.T. has established and maintains an Environmental Management System appropriate to the nature, size and impact of its activities and services, and which complies with the requisites of the ISO 14001.
  •  Establishes and revises its Environmental aims and Objectives regularly.  P.I.T. monitors its aims and objectives regularly to prevent and reduce the negative impact of waste and pollution wherever possible (this includes optimizing the consumption of natural resources such as water and electricity and reducing toxic waste.)
  • Promotes the development of all action which involves prevention, protection and environmental conservation.  P.I.T. encourages an attitude of respect and commitment among staff and students and is committed to protecting the surroundings.
  • Has the necessary means to fulfil the applicable Legislation and Regulations in QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT and HEALTH AND SAFETY.
  • Clearly advocates renewable energy sources.  P.I.T. has installed solar panels and wind generators and has created a Renewable Energy classroom for teaching students who will be professionals of the future using energy from sources which respect the Environment.
  • Is committed to documenting, establishing and keeping staff and students up to date with these policies.  The Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety policy are on view to the Public in visible spots throughout the Centre.
  • The Management team in P.I. Txorierri will revise this policy regularly to ensure that it is being followed appropriately and will propose further aims and objectives to address, with the objective of improving the Management system.  It will provide the necessary means to do so.

1 March 2011

Signed: Juan Angel San Vicente | Director

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